The number of aviation obstruction lights installed in the chimney

The obstruction lights on the top of the chimney should be set within 1.5-3m below the top of the chimney, and chimneys with a height of more than 150m can be set within 7.5m below the top of the chimney. low intensity obstruction light

The number of obstruction lights on each floor should be determined according to the length of the chimney at the elevation:

1. When the diameter is less than or equal to 6 meters, there are 3 obstruction lights on each floor;

2. When the molecular weight is more than 6 meters but not more than 30 meters, 4 obstruction lights are set on each floor;

3. The outer diameter exceeds 30 meters, and 6 obstruction lights are set on each floor. A smokestack is a design ventilation structure made of brick work, mud or metal that disengages hot harmful fumes gases or smoke created by an evaporator, oven, heater, incinerator or chimney from human living zones. Smokestacks are normally vertical, or as close as conceivable to vertical, to guarantee that the gases stream easily, attracting air into the burning what is known as the stack, or fireplace impact. The space inside a stack is known as the pipe. Stacks are contiguous enormous mechanical processing plants, petroleum derivative burning offices or a piece of structures, steam trains and ships.

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