Advantages of Solar Road Stud

Solar road stud products use sunlight and use LED as the light source. It has the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy installation. Solar road stud uses an independent power supply and automatically lights up at night to work.

LED lights are on or flickering, and the effect of road warning induction is obvious. The solar panel cell adopts an imported silicon chip, with stable performance and high conversion efficiency. led road stud lights

The reflective brightness of solar road studs is large, and the reflective brightness of ordinary reflective road studs is only 300mcd to 400mcd, while the reflective brightness of solar road studs can reach 2000mcd, which is 6 to 7 times that of ordinary reflective road studs, and the lamp beads are above 6000CMD. Active lighting, dynamic warning, solar road studs flicker at a certain frequency at night, and its dynamic warning effect is very strong.


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